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What to do with the kids in Harris County Ga

Now that summer is here we all must answer that one yearly question, “what to do with the kids?” has put together a short list that should keep you busy and many options are budget friendly.
First on our list for fun filled days is Callaway Gardens. Callaway offers multiple days of fun for kids of all ages. You can hike, rent bikes and ride through the pines and azaleas or simply enjoy the day by the beach on Robin Lake. Be sure to check the schedule of events because Callaway has events throughout the year. Some of our favorites are the blooming of the azaleas, Master’s water ski tournament, the hot air balloon event and of course Fantasy in lights, November-January.

Take the kids to Dowdell’s Knob, seen in distance at top of mountain

Second is Dowdell’s Knob. This spot was a favorite of FDR to sit and look out over the Harris County country side. This area is part of FDR state park and has hiking trails, picnic tables and BBQ grills.
Speaking of FDR State Park this is Georgia’s largest state park. You can hike the Pine Mountain trail, swim in Liberty pool or go horseback riding. Our favorite is to stop for breakfast at the country store on top of the Pine Mountain.
Next, take the kids to Wild Animal Safari. This place is just cool and little scary sometimes too when the big tongues come thru the window! Dad, no matter what you are thinking Do Not drive your new truck thru the park. The animals love new vehicles 😂. Check with park for best options thru the safari.
Maybe on one of the warmer pretty days take a boat trip out on Lake Harding. This is Harris County’s largest lake and Lake Harding separates Ga from Al. Stop for lunch at 219 on the lake. Then enjoy the afternoon riding the waves in your boat. Be sure to look for the rope swing and stop by the Sandbar or Redneck island to relax during hot days. This will for sure provide many memories. The lake is home to Blanton Creek state park. If you plan on spending the night be sure to reserve that camp site well in advance, as you can imagine, Blanton Creek is always a favorite spot for campers.

Kid day at Lake Harding Ga

Don’t forget to stop by Champions (706-315-3336) to pick your own blueberries off Hwy 18. This is a seasonal day trip of course, so call first. The harvesting provides an afternoon of fun and as a result maybe a couple more hours at home teaching the kids how to bake.

And if you been thinking about buying land we can always go walk some land with the kids. Because you’ve been dreaming of this. 1827 Real Estate Lake, Home & Land

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