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What to Do Before Selling Your Land

Whether you purchased land as an investment or a potential place for your future home, it can be a valuable asset. If you decide you want to sell your land, there are some important steps to take to optimize your sale. Similar to listing your home, being prepared and strategic will greatly impact how desirable your lot appears and the likelihood of selling it quickly. At 1827 Real Estate, we want to help you achieve the best outcome for your selling process. Consider the following tips from our experienced agents:

?        Determine Your Target Buyers?If your land is ideal for building a home, you may want to market to your residential buyers. Residential buyers may be impressed by an area already cleared for a home. On your listing, mentioning the schools nearby, ease of reaching shopping, etc. could be positive details to include. If your land is zoned or ideal for commercial or industrial use, simply having a driving path clear is likely sufficient. Business uses can vary dramatically so making your land a blank canvas of possibilities is wise.

?        Make Sure Your Land is Ready?As mentioned, having a clear driving path, free from overgrowth and weeds will make it easier for your potential buyers to explore your land. Also, having a land survey can be beneficial to show exactly the borders of your property. Knowing the boundaries will help your buyers imagine the possibilities. This step can speed up your closing dramatically as well.

?        Decide on Your Price?This can be a little challenging to determine when you are pricing land. You need to be careful not to mark it too high that buyers will be discouraged to look. At the same time, you want to get what your property is truly worth. As experts in the real estate market, we can make suggestions to guide your process. Let us know what your goals are in terms of pricing and how quickly you would like to sell. Sometimes, you may have to take a lower price if you want to move your land quickly depending on the situation.

?        Get Your Land Listed Online?Although you could have a buyer see a sign driving down the road, most buyers are looking online to find land in their desired location. We can help you set up a professional, informative, and appealing listing which will reach your target buyers.

?        Show Your Land?s Best Features?Showing your land in a visually impressive way can be more challenging than if you were photographing a home. Also, an open house is not typical practice for land lots. Take high quality photographs which show the potential your land has. If you have a creek, photograph that detail. If your land has a wide-open clearing, make sure to showcase it. Your photographs should help your buyers imagine the possibilities. Make sure your photos do not oversell your property because that will just cause disappointment and encourage distrust for your potential buyers.

?        Team Up With Your Agent?If you have not already called 1827 Real Estate, give us a call to get your selling process started. We have the knowledge and strategies necessary to help you market and ultimately sell your land.

Schedule a consultation with 1827 Real Estate today and start the process to sell your land. We will help you get the best outcome for your property!

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