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What are Real Estate closing costs?

Real Estate closing costs are fees paid by buyer and/or seller to close your real estate transaction. Closing is transferring/conveying title from seller to buyer. Buyers are responsible for most closing costs. However, the seller may agree to help cover these costs as part of the negotiations. For example, a home warranty may be an expense the seller is willing to pay.

what are closing costs?

Here are typical closing costs in the purchase and sale of property:
Attorney fees
Title costs (title searches and title insurance)
Property taxes
Loan fees originate from lender (appraisal, admin, origination , underwriting etc)
Homeowners insurance
Government fees (recording deed, transfer tax, intangible tax)
Commissions to brokerage- paid by seller
Home warranty
Termite letter aka wood infestation report
Septic letter in rural areas
Funding fees- this is a fee for VA, FHA and USDA loans

Closing costs will vary based on each loan type and every lender may have different costs. As a result, you need to do your homework to find the best options for you.

First, find a Realtor that?s an expert in your desired search area. Have they sold any large parcels of land or just residential homes? Secondly, look for a lender that is knowledgeable about the local market. Are they able to do a mortgage on a Georgia Power leased lot? Finally, don?t hesitate to ask questions.

Do you prefer pasture or wooded land?

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