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Is my Land ready to be sold?

We have people ask ?Is my Land Ready to be sold or what do I need to do?? Here are 5 simple things we recommend to sell your land.

CLEAN your property up! This is by far the most important task and usually provides the most bang for your buck! Almost all land needs to cleaned in some way. I know some of you are thinking, ?my land doesn?t need cleaning?. Yes it does!

Trash piles- the new owner doesn?t want/need your collection of feedbags, old sofas and scrap lumber so plan on removing it.

Old Cars- no one has the same sentimental value for your 74 Trans Am that your uncle owned! Move it to storage or at least get it out of view from front the porch. This also goes for old trucks, tractors and lawn mowers.

Overgrown areas- take some time to bush hog or mow the area. Most of us need to be able to see what we are buying and can?t not picture it cleared. This also goes for entry points into property. Have the entry as neat as possible.

Have a SOIL TEST done, AKA perc (percolation) test. Wikipedia says, percolation testing is simply observing how quickly a known volume of water dissipates into the subsoil of a drilled hole of known surface area. While every jurisdiction will have its own laws regarding the exact calculations for the length of line, depth of pit, etc., the testing procedures are the same.

Make your property ACCESSIBLE. Often, I?ll get out of my truck with potential buyers and there is ZERO ways to enter the land. They are selling 20 acres of land that can not be easily walked. Remember your average land buyer is usually a mature adult with their spouse and or kids along for the day. Walking thru briars, spider webs and possible snake encounters isn?t what they want to do. You would be surprised the number of people that show up to ?walk the land? in Flip Flops!

PLAT/SURVEY should be one of the first things you give your listing agent. The plat shows the property lines with dimensions also you will also need to the survey lines marked. You know your property line ?runs along the old fence and stops at the big pine near creek? but the rest of us do not! Again clearly marked lines make it easy for people to see what they are buying.

HIRE someone that knows the land market in your area. We,, would love to help you sell your land. We are members of RLI, Realtors Land Institute. Selling Land in Harris county Ga and the surrounding area is what we do.

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