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Home Selling 101

When you sell your home, you cannot rely on luck to get the price you deserve. Selling your home takes strategy to truly be effective. At 1827 Real Estate, we have the experience and expertise needed to get your home on the market and sold promptly. Follow these tried and true tips to get your home sold so you can move onto your next adventure:

?        Choose a Capable Agent?We can help you get your home listed on MLS professionally and properly. Working with you, we will develop a strategy to help you secure your sale quickly. Your listing is the first impression with your potential buyers. If your listing does not inform and excite, your home could be great, but still get passed up before the buyers even physically see the home. We can help you include the right details to speak volumes to your potential buyers.

?        Determine Your Home?s Value?Our agent can run a comparative market analysis (CMA) to determine how your home compares to similar recently sold homes or current listings in your area. This analysis evaluates based upon size, desired features, and more. The finalized analysis will include photos and a map to help you visualize the value. This report is the most accurate way to determine a reasonable price for your home. If you are trying to sell more quickly, you could consider a lower price to edge out the competition. We want to help you get the best price in the timeline which suits you.

?        Evaluate Your Home?s Condition?Any responsible homebuyer is going to get a home inspector to come out to your home before purchasing it. If you hire a home inspector yourself, you can find out what fixes may be worthwhile to ensure you get your best price or get stuck fixing something and delaying your closing. When you find out what improvements are necessary, go ahead and make them promptly. You do not want to over-improve the home, but you also want the home to have the wow factor and make an impression. Even small details like adding mulch or inexpensive bushes could dramatically impact your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

?        Be Ready For Company?Since first impressions really do impact your home?s sale, make sure that your home is ready to show. If you have a potential homebuyer come by, they want to envision the possibilities of your home and imagine themselves there. Although they will likely have dishes piled up or dog hair on their couch eventually, you do not want the buyer to see your home in disarray. It will make the home seem less valuable or in poor condition. Buyers want to enter a house that feels like a blank canvas not like they accidentally stumbled into someone?s home on a lazy Saturday morning for a bowl of cereal. Also, if you have pets, make sure they are put away. Pets are not encouraging to homeowners because they may be more prone to look for subtle damage.

?        Focus on The Kitchen?If you are looking for something to improve in your home, start with the kitchen. Not only are updated kitchens highly desirable, but they retain their value better than other improvements. You could get roughly 85% of your investment back. Spending a little money to update your dated kitchen could make it a selling point and prevent potential buyers from knocking dollars off their offer.

?        Utilize Good Lighting?Walking in a dark home can feel depressing and dingy. Open blinds or curtains to allow natural lighting in. Also, you could turn on a table lamp to set the cozy ambience.  Lighting can greatly impact how welcoming your home feels. Make sure your lights have proper wattage to brighten your space.

If you are ready to start your selling journey, contact 1827 Real Estate. Jamie and Terri are experienced agents and will can help you reach your goals!

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